ARM: Automated Redaction Manager

ARM: Automated Redaction Manager
Automated find, view & deletion of sensitive content within documents whatever their volume or format to enable safe, secure compliance plus audit & publication

Automated Redaction Manager

Automated Redaction Manager (ARM) provides the automated means to discover any confidential, private or sensitive data hidden in paperwork, digital documents, files and databases, metadata & free text – irrespective of location, format or storage - and simultaneously redact all non-disclosable content (words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs, text blocks, full pages, etc).

Whether for reasons of compliance, confidentiality, data protection, governance, security, subject access requests or similar, some records and documents require the secure suppression (‘redaction’) of non-disclosable, private or sensitive information prior to any sharing with a third-party. But when there is a batch of documents or many batches, and when some documents may be hundreds perhaps thousands of pages, then manual redaction (on paper or on screen) becomes a costly nightmare.

ARM enables legal, security and privacy compliance by automating the redaction, review and publication process with secure auditing and storage of redacted and unredacted documents and data. From dealing with individual documents (irrespective of how many pages) to addressing multiple batches or millions of files, ARM automates the whole process of tedious and costly redaction. It is the most advanced, productive & affordable software solution that is proven in practice.

ARM is a web-based service that is securely accessed by authorised users from any location using a standard web browser. ARM software is securely installed within a customer’s network (‘onsite’) or provided as a managed online service (‘cloud’). So, in today’s mixed office/home, onsite/remote working experience, ARM provides all the facilities for secure, auditable productivity and collaboration for all redaction purposes.

ARM is fully compliant & supportive of all best practice redaction guidance from the National Archives, Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), the NHS and similar redaction governance guidelines.

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ARM: Automated Redaction Manager